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It has been more than 2 years since we last set foot on Bali. When we flew home in early February 2020 we had another 4 flights booked to return to Bali to oversee the renovation of Villa Tusk in Penestanan (near Ubud). 

Tusk Villa Bali
Our Pool being dug in February 2020
Villa Tusk Ubud Swimming Pool
Our pool February 2022

Covid put an abrupt end to our plans.

Fast forward to March 2022 and Bali is opening up to the world once again. Things are looking better as each day goes by. We have just been informed that hotel quarantine is ending in mid march and if all goes well you will be able to pick up your Visa on arrival at Ngurah Rai Airport when you arrive.

We are booked to return to Bali in mid April for 5 weeks and again in August for 6 weeks.

Villa Tusk is pretty much ready to go. We will finish styling and choose and hang artworks when we arrive in April. The most amazing thing is that this has been a dream of mine for almost 40 years. It is finally happening.

At this point in time it’s hard to envisage the changes that may have occurred over the past 2 years. “My Bali”  around Ubud is pretty timeless so there may be a few less restaurants and more parking spots in Ubud but once you get a couple of kilometres out of the centre of town I’m pretty certain it will be much the same as I remember it.

For the past 2 months we have had a Russian girl staying at Villa Tusk. Ironically we have just been negotiating with a couple from the Ukraine to stay after we. Our topsy turvy world and its wars and craziness has now also impacted Bali. Yesterday we got a message from our Russian guest letting us know that she will have to move out of Villa Tusk because the war has impacted her financial status in Bali. Let’s hope that all of this madness ends soon and the world returns to some sort of normalcy.