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Villa Tusk Bali Renovation June 2020

We are now well and truly into the renovation of Villa Tusk Bali, which is situated in Penestanan Kelod, just out of the famous town of Ubud in Central Bali. The renovation started in December 2019 and even though the world has been brought to it’s knees with fears of the Covid 19 virus we have forged ahead. The architect is Georgina Collier and she is working long distance from Melbourne, Australia. Every day our friend Purnami, who works with us, goes to the site and sends photographs to Georgie via WhatsApp. This way Georgie can keep an eye on the progress and also make certain that her plans are being followed. The picture above is the interior of the upstairs bedroom that has been built onto the rear of the existing Joglo. The aqua doors on the right are original panels from a house in Java.

Villa Tusk Bali Pool

The land is 5 Are (500 sq metres). When we first took on the lease quite a large proportion of the land was under utilised. It also lacked a pool. That is now solved and even though it’s far from complete here it is. Georgie’s design concept connects the 2 existing buildings and gives easy access to the pool.

It’s almost a year since we first discovered the villa. Actually it was early August, towards the end of 4 week trip to Bali which we embarked upon to pursue another property which thankfully fell through. Fate was on our side. This land was also in Penestanan and in itself would have been amazing but the person we were negotiating with was a Westerner who would have been a nightmare to work with in the long term.

That was the second negotiation that didn’t come off. It seems that you learn from your mistakes and from my own experience it takes a while to make the correct choices so even though both of the earlier experiences were a loss when they came to abrupt ends it was for the best.

The picture below was taken back in August when we first touched base with Elizabeth, the person who we purchased the lease from. This was taken from inside looking out. The furniture in this shot  now resides at Villa Rumah Kecil, which is one of Tusk Villas Bali alternate properties.

Joglo Putih Bali