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Welcome to the world of Balinese massage, where relaxation meets rejuvenation in a blissful experience for your mind, body, and soul. At our Balinese Airbnb villa, we take pride in offering our guests the ultimate pampering with our professional Balinese massage and reflexology service. Let us take you on a journey of pure indulgence, delivered by our highly trained and experienced Balinese masseuses, who bring years of expertise to every session.

Balinese massage is a unique and holistic full-body treatment that focuses on balancing the body’s energy, releasing tension, and promoting overall well-being. The sequence of Balinese massage is carefully designed to provide a harmonious flow that allows you to fully surrender to the healing touch of our skilled masseuses.


The ideal time to book is 24 hours in advance. Just let you host, Purnami know what time you would like your session and how many people would like to have a massage, reflexology, pedicure or manicure.

All treatments available 7 days a week – 9 a.m to 7 p.m.

Payment can be made in cash to our host, Purnami or to the massage therapist after the massage is complete. Sorry about any inconvenience as we don’t have card facilities.

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The treatment begins with you laying comfortably on a professional massage couch, as the therapist starts with a gentle and soothing massage . Using long, sweeping strokes and kneading techniques, the therapist works to release tension from your muscles, improve blood circulation, and stimulate your energy flow.

The therapist moves from your back to your legs and arms, using firmer friction movements to release deeper tension and knots. Through a combination of techniques such as skin rolling, kneading, and stroking, the therapist targets specific pressure points to relieve muscle stiffness and promote relaxation.

As the massage progresses, the therapist pays special attention to your scalp, using slow and rhythmic movements to release tension and improve blood flow to the area. This part of the massage is deeply relaxing and can help to relieve stress, ease headaches, and promote better sleep.

Throughout the massage, the therapist may also incorporate gentle stretches to increase flexibility and mobility, as well as additional pressure-point stimulations to further balance the body’s energy and promote overall healing.

During the Balinese massage, the therapist will also use a cloth to cover the body parts that have already been massaged, ensuring that you remain comfortable and relaxed throughout the treatment, without abrupt temperature changes.

At the end of the massage, you will emerge from this blissful journey feeling deeply relaxed, revitalized, and rejuvenated. The combination of gentle and vigorous techniques and the therapist’s intuitive touch, creates a truly indulgent experience that nurtures your entire being.

Experience the art of Balinese massage at our villa, where our trained Balinese masseuses are dedicated to providing you with a truly exceptional and memorable treatment. Come and let us pamper you with this ancient healing tradition that will leave you feeling renewed and restored, ready to embrace the beauty of Bali and beyond.


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I have been getting my massages at Sari Laba in Penestanan Kelod just up the road from Ubud, during my last 3 trips to Bali. Before I go on I want you to know that the massages, foot reflexology and other services at Sari Laba are the “real thing”, genuine therapeutic Balinese massages and treatments. Over the past year I have developed quite a close friendship with the owner, Eka. We even went to her brother in laws wedding last week. My problem with massages in Bali is that it’s a hit and miss affair, for example 3 years ago we visited a massage business in Ubud where the owners brought young girls from Sulawesi, the girls were lovely but really had no massage ability. Eka has a wonderful staff of highly experienced and passionate practitioners. My personal favourites are Wayan and Putu. These girls really know their stuff. From time to time I get a deep tissue massage from Wayan. Sure it is a bit painful but at the same time I can feel Wayan working on the exact areas that need attention and yes, she goes DEEP. I walk for about 2 hours every day and spend time at the gym. I have been getting 3-4 massages each week and can confidently say that every massage has been first class. Wayan and Putu have slightly different styles. Both have hundreds of hours of experience and this shines through. Occasionally I get reflexology. OMG this is the real thing. The girls know exactly what spots on the feet relate to which organs and can literally feel what needs working on. I am 100% confident that any client who gets a massage at Eka’s business will walk away with a new lease on life and a very happy body. You can also discuss the intensity of the massage or reflexology with the girls and they will make sure you get what you need and want. I give this place 5 stars for the services that they provide and value for money. Thank you Eka, Wayan and Putu for all the amazing massages I have enjoyed this year.
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