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Bali Panorama
This is from a guest who has been staying at our Villa for the past 10 weeks.
“I’ve felt incredibly safe here in Penestanan during this Corona crisis. Honestly, I can’t imagine a better place to be.
Not only does Bali seem to have a “herd immunity” but they’ve also struck a good balance between precaution and freedom.
Face masks are required in public. And every shop or restaurant that is still open requires people to use hand sanitizer before entering. Some even check your temperature before you enter.
And although 1/3 – 1/2 of the shops and restaurants are now closed, the ones that remain open are 1) accessible from 8am – 8pm 2) have visibly more rigorous cleaning protocols and 3) offer free delivery. I’ve been receiving food deliveries to the house here several times per week, and it’s honestly so convenient. The Balinese equivalent of Uber Eats (called GrabFood or Gojek) has an enormous selection of available types of food.
Ubud, compared to other towns and banjars, seems to have a balanced approach. In some banjars, no one is allowed to enter or leave! They’ve really locked down some areas. But it hasn’t been necessary in Ubud.
And although all the beaches have closed, there is still Amed beach that is a 3 hour road trip away, if you’re really craving the ocean for a weekend.
Overall, I’m very impressed by Bali’s response and it’s effectiveness, and other than some general inconveniences and sensible lifestyle shifts, it hasn’t felt at all like the oppressive quarantine happening in some other countries now. And the extremely low number of cases and negligible number of deaths makes this an ideal place to be.”
Bali, Ubud from Zest